How to make your expatriation successful

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers excellent career opportunities to expatriates, a balanced work and family life, as well as a high quality of life.

Whether you hold an important management position, have based the development of your activity in Luxembourg or are currently experiencing its privileged environment, we propose a range of services dedicated to the improvement of the quality of your life as an expatriate, meeting your one-off or recurring needs.

Our mission

You may be surrounded by experts but still regularly deal with certain issues in your personal or professional life. Together we will define the strategy most suited to your needs and expectations. Based on a relationship of trust, we provide you with all the necessary assistance to stay focused.

Your personal life in Luxembourg

You must concentrate on your professional activity, spare time with family as well as on leisure and local integration. We help you manage your private office and simplify your daily life. We will guide you through the various challenges you and your family will meet during the course of your expatriation.

Your professional life in Luxembourg

When you are overworked, faced with confidential files or any other situation, we offer you flexible and professional support.